You Can...

Learn PROVEN tools to get you out of this emotional rut and equip you to have more peace, better moods, and more confidence (even during these uncertain times). I am ready to "spill the T.E.A." and give you highly reasearched and successful tools of my trade in a short period of time.

  • In This Course, You Will Learn:

  • Unhelpful thought patterns that underscore negative emotions.

  • Step by step game-changing process to help you master your emotions.

  • Learn to stop overthinking and take the actions to move you beyond your comfort zones.

  • Learn to be more self-aware and intentional about challenging yourself.

Let's talk about the T.E.A.

  • Thoughts

    The only thing in life we can control are our thoughts and actions. Negative thought patterns will affect how you experience your life and what is important to you. In this course, we will identify and uncover those thought patterns that work against you.

  • Emotions

    Did you know that negative thought patterns may yield feelings of depression, anger, anxiety, and lack of self-confidence? We will identify specific connections between common emotions and the thoughts behind them. YOU have power over negative emotions.

  • Actions

    "Knowledge is half the battle." It is through our actions are we to see the content of our character. We much challenge the actions that doesn't line up with what we say we want vs. what we do not want in our lives. We believe "it is what it does (Kristia Britt-Orr)."

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